The protection of valuable business information and intellectual property in digital form against theft by cybercriminals is a critical senior management issue.  According to PwC’s “State of Security” 2015 survey, despite the barrage of high-profile breaches in the news, fewer than half (42%) of respondents said their board actively participates in overall security strategy, and only 36% said the board is involved in security policies. With the increasing pace and complexity of the threats, corporations must adopt approaches to cybersecurity that will require much more engagement from management to protect critical business information and valuable intellectual property.  On 21 June 2017 – The National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty of Engineering released the results of its new study, “Cybersecurity Risks from Non-Genuine Software”, which found that cybercriminals are compromising computers by embedding malware in pirated software and the online channels that offer them.  The study found that 92% of new and unused computers that had pirated software installed were pre-infected with malware. 

The Asia Center for Digital Integrity (ACDI)


ACDI represents the software industry and is committed to promoting effective cybersecurity amongst businesses in Asia. ACDI aims to largely focus on working with Governments, local organisations and associations to support programs and campaigns that help business leadership understand the importance of digital integrity. ACDI's certification program works with local audit firms to help promote and recognise businesses that adopt strong practices in both cybersecurity and software asset management. Businesses that are recognised by ACDI adopt strong cybersecurity practices and technological solutions. These businesses also adopt good software asset management practices, conduct yearly software licensing audits as part of their annual fiscal audits - thus ensuring they are compliant from a licensing perspective and from a legal standpoint. 

Digital Integrity


According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, integrity refers to the quality of being whole and complete. Super Bowl-winning coach Tony Dungy in his book “Uncommon” said, “Integrity is what you do when no one is watching; it’s doing the right thing all the time".  The Asia Center of Digital Integrity regards Digital Integrity as being secure digitally by ensuring a complete approach is taken in deploying and managing cybersecurity solutions and software assets. ACDI recognises the importance and correlation of proper software asset management and genuine software deployment leading towards a secure IT environment. It is part of ACDI's mission to ensure the value of ensuring digital integrity is not just a concern of large enterprises but also small and medium businesses. According to Canadian cybersecurity firm, CGI, the WannaCry ransomeware was most dangerous to smaller companies.



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